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To make lifelong health and wellness the utmost fun by balancing a serious, rigorous workout with an upbeat, humor-inspired environment.

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  • I feel so blessed to have found Funky Door. You do such an amazing job with the studio and [have] the most wonderful staff; it is always a pleasure to come and practice. It feels like a family and I am so lucky to be a part of it.

    Kristin J.

  • I have been to many studios and Funky Door Berkeley is by far the best. I wouldn't go anywhere else. You have poured your heart and soul into the place and it shows.

    Jennifer M.

  • Last month, I started practicing at Funky Door in Berkeley, and ever since, I have been raving about it to all my Bikram-practicing friends.

    Isabel G.

  • Both the rigor and joy of yoga is what keeps me coming back to Funky Door, despite being a drive away. Thanks for your exceptional studio!

    Anita M.

  • I really appreciate the studio and absolutely love going every day. I am making incredible progress with the rehabilitation of some serious injuries. I am very grateful for this practice.

    Sylvia B.

  • Karima runs an awesome studio and a place for building friendships and community. Your front desk is always polite and courteous and willing to be very helpful. I truly appreciate the time I have practiced here.

    Tom E.

  • I've been coming to Funky Door in Berkeley since 2009. Your studio and the people who both practice there and work there have played a major role in how amazing my Yoga experience has been. Thanks again.

    Sunni S.

  • My practice has seen 3 continents, 5 countries, and over 2 dozen studios, and that is one of the best studios I have ever been to.

    Marc G.

  • I've been so happy with Funky Door yoga in Berkeley and, if fact, it's the one reason I hesitated to move back in to SF, no kidding. The facilities and the instructors (each and every one of them) are absolutely superb! I'll continue to recommend Funky Door to all of my friends!

    Jason B.

  • I think you guys just have everything figured out from the amount of classes you offer daily to the free goodies to the teachers to the accommodating locker rooms to the fun artwork to the excellent office staff! It's a pleasure to come in.

    Isabel G.

  • Where I currently practice Bikram, Funky Door, is a Bikram dream come true - it's very clean and has good amenities, including a shower and a full locker room, and towels and mats available to rent.

    Auey S.

  • I know it is a labor of love... There is not a finer studio in California and probably the US. I have been fortunate to be able to practice here.

    Tom E.

  • They REALLY know how to relax you, help guide you through your meditation, form and in every class I have with them I learn something new, which is why I get so excited to come to Funky Door.

    Mola R.

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